September 28, 2005

The insanity of power

Power, for it's own sake has always been the guiding light of New Labour. But the persuit of raw power unguided by any set of principles leads to some very dark places, places that New Labour is exploring deeper and deeper. On Charles Clarkes latest proposals Non-trivial Solutions notes
Fair enough, but at least we didn't break out the thumbscrews when we [the Conservatives] were in power, Charlie.

Principles are important. They prevent you compromising that one step too far. Torturing people in order to get votes by making people feel that something is being done to prevent the unpreventable is the most unpleasant and pernicious thing I have ever seen a ruling government do in this country.

All this from a man who our Glorious Leader briefed against as being 'too soft'. I suppose a decent Home Secretary wouldn't bother outsourcing our torture to foreign governments that don't worry too much about all this 'civil liberties' and 'democracy' nonsense.
This has also been picked up by Europhobia who says:
For fuck's sake - won't somebody rid me of this troublesome Home Secretary? It would appear that he's now proposing to execute every single teenager in the country - that's the only way I can envisage that he'll be able to "eliminate disrespect and antisocial behaviour". What a twat.


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